Fishing Report

Upper Madison

The Upper Madison River originates in Yellowstone National Park and flows through Hebgen Lake, past the town of Ennis, Montana on its way to Ennis Lake. Because river flows are managed from Hebgen Dam, water levels remain pretty consistent throughout most of the fishing season. With gorgeous scenery and great fly fishing, anglers from all over seek out Montana's famed Madison River.

August 15, 2022

Upper Madison

fishing report

There is currently a hoot owl from 8 Mile to Ennis Lake. Terrestrials are good bet on bright sunny days in August. Mix up you presentation with terrestrials to increase your odds, because sometimes a little twitch can make all the difference. Whether twitching a foam hopper or drifting beetles and ants, it is a good idea to use bead head nymph as a dropper. Higher up, you may find some Caddis and/or Mayflies on the right day, and early mornings are a good time to throw streamers.

Suggested Fly Patterns

  • Dry Fly

    Chubby Olive/Royal/Purple (8-12), Foam Hopper (8-12), Fat Angie (14-18), Parachute Adams (16-20), Purple Haze (18-20),  

  • Streamer

    Woolly Bugger Black/Olive (6-12), Mini Loop Sculpin Olive 6, Galloup's Sex Dungeon, Mini Dungeons Yellow/White/Black, Baby Dragon Sculpin/Black/Yellow/Whitey, Sparkle Minnow Smoke/Sculpin/Brown (2-8)

  • Nymph

    Pats Rubberlegs Black/Coffee/ (4-10), Copper John (16-20), Pink/Natural Quilldigon (14-18), Lightning Bug (16-18), Lil Spanker (16-20), Machines (16-20), Juju Baetis (16-20), $3 Dips (14-18), Steel Worm (6-8), Matt’s Shagadelic Mop, Eggs

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