Fishing Report


Known as one of the best wade fishing rivers in Montana, the Gallatin River is the closest larger river to Bozeman. It begins in Yellowstone National Park then winds its way through the Gallatin Canyon all the way to Three Forks where it meets up with the Jefferson and Madison rivers to form the Missouri River.

July 15, 2024


fishing report

The Gallatin has been fishing well and should continue to fish great as long as water temperatures stay cold. Larger dry flies like Chubbies, Yeager 409's, Water Walkers, Hippie Stompers and Fat Angie's followed up with Perdigons, Pat's Rubber legs, FK Prince nymphs, Copper Johns, Beaded Baetis', Duracell, or Crystal Dip can put fish in the net all day. Caddis Pupa's can also work great this time of year, and the Sweetmeat Caddis has been a shop favorite as of late about a foot under the dry fly! Dry fly fishing is always a good bet this time of year as well. Fishing with Chubbies, Purple haze's, Yeager 409's, Extended Body PMD, and the X-Caddis are all good bets right now. P.S The lower river is now on hoot owl restrictions from Amsterdam road (Erwin bridge) down to the confluence of the Missouri river so keep that in mind.

*Hoot owl restrictions apply to sections of this river

Suggested Fly Patterns

  • Dry Fly

    Adams (16-22), Purple Haze (16-20), Sparkle Dun (16-22), Yeager 409 Yellow/ Purple (10), Buzzball (16-18), Elk Hair Caddis Tan/ Olive(12-18), Chubby Chernobyl Tan/ Purple/ Olive, Stubby Chubby Purple, Cinnamon, Yellow, Tan (16-18)

  • Streamer

    Wooly Bugger Olive, Black (6-12), Fish Whacker Olive/white or Brown/yellow (6) Sculpzilla Tan,Black,Olive (4-8), GD P/Jig Streamer White/ Olive/Black (10), Micro Dungeon Yellow (10), Mini Dungeon Olive/ Purple/ Natural/ White (6)

  • Nymph

    Prince Nymph (10-18), Perdigon (14-18), Pat’s Rubber Legs (8-12), Hare’s Ear (16-20), Blowtorch (12-18), Zebra Midge Black/ Red/ Purple (16-22), Sweetmeat Caddis Tanger/Lime (14-16), Sizzlin' Hot Squirrel (12-16)

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