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Known as one of the best wade fishing rivers in Montana, the Gallatin River is the closest larger river to Bozeman. It begins in Yellowstone National Park then winds its way through the Gallatin Canyon all the way to Three Forks where it meets up with the Jefferson and Madison rivers to form the Missouri River.

November 26, 2022


fishing report

The Gallatin River is fishing well right now, but be careful on and around shelf ice! There is warmer weather on the horizon so double nymph rigs will be the most consistent way to catch fish. In the lower stretches of the river around Axtell and Cameron Bridge, target deeper slower runs and buckets as well as definitive seams. If you like to fish up in the canyon and closer to Big Sky, fish the same water but put most of your energy into the deep pockets. For your point flies try bigger stoneflies like Pats Rubber Legs, and Deep Cleaners, or a leech pattern like a Wooly Bugger. For your dropper patterns focus on small mayfly species and midges. Zebra midges, Quilldigons, and Hares Ears in 16-22 are some of our favorites in the winter on the Gallatin. Worms and eggs can also be a very good option. On the right day fish are willing to move for stripped streamers so that can make for a very fun day on the river as well. Try Mini Dungeons and sculpin patterns. Fish that are looking up on overcast days will be looking for baetis, BWO's, mice, and midges.

Suggested Fly Patterns

  • Dry Fly

    Adams (14-22), Purple Haze (16-20), Sparkle Dun (16-22), Elk Hair Caddis (14-18), Griffith's Gnat (16-20), Buzzball (16-18), Extended Body BWO (16-22) Pip Squeak Baby Mouse (6)

  • Streamer

    Woolly Bugger Olive/Black (6-12), Sculpzilla Tan/Black/Olive (4-8), Beldar Brown/Black/Olive (6-8), GD P/Jig Streamer (10), Zirdle Bug Tan/ Orange/ Olive (6-12), Urchin Bugger (4), Dungeon Black/ White/ Brown/ (2), Mini Dungeon Purple/ Natural/ White (6)

  • Nymph

    Perdigon (14-18), Pat’s Rubber Legs (8-12), Hell Razor Leech (12), Hare’s Ear (16-20), Black Blowtorch (12-18), Juju Baetis (18-20), Zebra Midge Black/ Red/ Purple (16-22), Worms, Eggs, Mops

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